Portfolio Tracking

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Portfolio Tracking

Postby helloworld » Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:49 pm

Hello Folks :D ,

I am looking for a solution / tools to tack my portfolio and gains / losses. I came across this solution from https://www.sharesight.com/
and I also found http://portfolioslicer.com/ another great tool. Combined with Microsoft Power BI, the tool can generate much nice reports.

The problem with https://www.sharesight.com/ is that in the free version it limits your portfolio to maximum of 10 counters. Thats not the biggest problem. It is not designed to CSE. There are lot of countries but Sri Lanka is not among them. So you have to assume a different currency and a country. (ie: India) So no automatic price updates you need to enter them manually.

http://portfolioslicer.com/ is good but its like rocket science. Very complicated ~x( .

Earlier i used excel but later got fed up with the reporting capabilities (Well maybe i an not an expert in excel :-B )

So I was wondering how our fellow members tacking this task. Suggestions are greatly appreciated :-? ....

Primary needs are to track;

[*] Capital Gains / Losses
[*] Dividend Entries
[*] Historical Reporting and Overall Gains / Looses

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Re: Portfolio Tracking

Postby SHARK » Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:08 pm

Hey HW.... Thanks alot buddy.
We will have a look later....
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