Art of identifying value and growth gems

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Art of identifying value and growth gems

Postby Contra » Sun Jul 15, 2018 3:26 pm

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Identifying Value Stocks Is Methodology and Art

Identifying Growth gems

•Don’t expect every growth stock to meet all your criteria, but once you establish an art (method) of choosing growth companies, try to compare each company based upon how many of the criteria they meet.
•Look for companies in growing industries or industry segments
•A very general guideline is to choose companies whose earnings have risen over the past three consecutive years.
•Find companies that will benefit from economic “megatrends,” Currently I see megatrends in tourism and infrastructure (port and shipping area) in Sri-Lanka.
•Monitor your portfolio for consistent growth.
•When choosing growth stocks, look for companies that own at least one strong brand within their market niche.
•Try to identify companies whose products that can have demand
•If a company has consistency sales, healthy earnings and low levels of debt, then it could be a prime choice for a growth portfolio.

Please share your success stories in picking value and growth stocks. Thanks.
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